Reseach programs,  International collaborations


1999 – 2002 
Head of the Patriarchal Institution of Patristic Studies library

Erasmus Student and Teacher exchanges.

Thematic Research network for the interdisciplinary study of religion and political relations Protagoras. 

Interdisciplinary  course: Development of entrepreneurship and innovation in the cultural and religious site 
The program bearing the general title Entrepreneurship and Innovation is coordinated by the Department of Economics and attended IT departments, Biology, Theology, Chemistry, Agronomy, Veterinary, together. Theology, Forestry, physical machine. Engineering, Physical Education. Philosophy and Education Medicine.

Associate of EUREL: “Sociological and legal data on religions in Europe” in Greece. (until 2009) 

Coordinator of the European Thematic Network on European studies on the interaction of religion and state – EuReSIS Net. (European Studies on religion and State Interaction ).
The project was approved and funded by the European Commission. Launched in October 2006 was completed in 2010. In EuReSIS involved 70 members from 31 countries including candidate. The original idea for the submission of the proposal was based on my research interests and by then my teaching experience in Greece and abroad.

Member of the Network “The Archipelago of the Humanistic Thematic Networks” 
The Archipelago of Humanities Thematic Networks consists of 20 thematic networks Erasmus -Socrates derived from different subject areas of humanities. The EuReSIS Net, coordinated by the AUT is a member of the Archipelago and actively participates in its activities. Last cooperation was the participation in the traveling exhibition of European thematic network on Europe Images (Images of Europe) – as well as participation in Human Plus 08 program

Coordinator of the Working Group “Theology Religious Studies” of the European Program Sectoral Qualification Framework for the Humanities and the Arts. .html

The program issued the collaborative study: Reference Points for the Design and Delivery of Degree Programmes in Theology and Religious Studies.

Religion and Polis – Interdisciplinary Network for religion, culture and politics. 
The interdisciplinary network “RELIGION AND POLIS” aimed at studying the religious phenomenon and especially the ways in which religion interacts with politics and culture in the new globalized environment. 
Members of the Network were: Miltiadis Konstantinou (Prof. AUTH), John Peter (Prof.. AUTH), Yannis Stavrakakis (Assoc. Prof. AUTH), Philemon Peonidis (Ass. Prof.. AUTH), Lina Papadopoulou (Ass. Prof.. AUTH ), Nicholas Maggioros (Ass. Prof.. AUTH), Costas Papastathis (AUT Associate Lecturer), Panayotis Haritos (Min. sis. AUT)

2013 to date 
Member of the Group  “Christian Law Panel of Experts: An Ecumenical Initiative”. (Special Group of the Christian law: an ecumenical initiative).
This is a group of legal experts from different Christian denominations. Since law of the Church is a form of applied ecclesiology, the team hopes that the dialogue will contribute to the wider ecumenical movement. Its members believe that the examination of the Church’s law can provide a new image, perhaps in the context of the ecumenical movement and be a tool for the universal approach. The recognition of legal disputes is important for ecumenical understanding and can prove to give extra fruits in theological dialogue.
Members participate with their scientific capacity and not as representatives of their churches. 
Under the program the collaborative studies were issued: 1. Response to the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission paper, The Church: towards a common vision (2013). -Dec% 202015% 29.pdf? attachauth = ANoY7coIlUEP9WeEleN90tszVHfcA1hqKifj8eQnbpZJvQrcgN_hdcGITfiuuoK9swgNMolZNyOjuafUhxMrPAF-3Y6wK2lSsW_UHBMRqSvcKBhyOLdgVXhnqGZbWKML-zdJqNYpbCS1yQCbjPUZbbmIn1LmoDLAVDJ2LJ9VyLo86OLtdFIgIF_CFAOmfKlxMx4pCO-FgDDd9pHoagcW8rbZ9ada0peJwNaZEB5HrZnG7bF5k95J6-P3o85-yerLSvdyj4AfOBzn_7BunkeCzvVeUxNuuCyv3Q% 3D% 3D & attredirects = 0
2. Christian Law Panel of Experts, M. Hill, N. Doe, “Principles of Christian Law”, Ecclesiastical Law Journal 19 (2017), p. 138-155.

Participation as a teacher in the program of lifelong education of the clergy.

Participation as lecturer in Updating Knowledge Program Alumni (PEGA). Modern forms of tourism development: Innovative actions. Theme of Religious Tourism

2013 – 
Unitown University Town Networks 

2012 – 2019 
Member of the International Empirical Research Program Religion Program and Human Rights (International Empirical Research Project Religion and Human Rights) coordinated by the University of Wurzburg. 
The program issued the collective volume: Religion and Human Rights: An International Perspective, Heidelberg 2015. Nikos Maghioros and Christos N. Tsironis, Current Debates About Religion and Human Rights in Greece, p. 85-92.

2017- 2020
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, Key Action 2, Sector: Adult Education.
Participation in the European Project Strategic Partnership for representatives of Religious Communities (STRAPAC) with fellow team AUTH Theology.